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Our site started out life, dedicated to? Pyracantha plants, hence our website name, and over the years, more and more gardening information and guides were added which were not pyracantha specific. If you're looking for advice about Pyracantha plants, please see our main Pyracantha Page by clicking here which is full of useful information.

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15 of the fastest growing climbing plants

Winter flowering plants guide

mahonia aquifolium apollo spring flowering evergreen ground cover shrub

We look at what you can plant to give you garden a splash of colour this autumn and winter.

How to plant bare root roses

Our Best Pick - Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawnraker review

Now's the perfect time to plant bare root roses and they are often cheaper purchased bare root.

How to take cutting in autumn

how to take cutting
how to take cutting

Now the perfect time to take hardwood cutting from a range of shrubs, including Viburnum, Wisteria and Skimmia. Learn more now

Top garden screening ideas for your garden

willow screening ideal for instant screening with no fuss

We look at some of the best garden screening ideas from natural hedges to bamboo screening and other artificial screening.

Product reviews & comparisons

Cordless leaf blower reviews

Stove Fans Reviewed

Valliant Premium 4-Blade Stove Fan review

We compare some of the best models. See which came out on top.

 Lawn scarifiers Reviewed

Our Best Pick - Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawnraker review

We look at 10 electric scarfiers to see which come out on top.

30+ Gifts For Gardeners

Valliant Premium 4-Blade Stove Fan review

Looking for gift for some one special?, See our 30+ garden gifts ?ideas now.

Garden Loppers Reviewed

wolf garten loppers review

Compare 5 of the best garden loppers now. We compare quality and value.

Discover new plants

Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls'

Wisteria Amethyst Falls growing guide

A dwarf variety of wisteria, ideal for growing in pots.

Bird of Paradise

Our Best Pick - Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Lawnraker review

Also known as Stelitzia reginae, this tropical, exotic plant

Dwarf Buddleia 

Dwarf Buddleia that include Buzz and Chip varieties that only grow to 3ft.

These dwarf varieties are ideal for growing in pots and baskets.

Lavender plant guide

willow screening ideal for instant screening with no fuss

Lavender has a lovely scent and attracts many insects and bees.

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